Minnesota Brush and Land Clearing - Mulching Mania
Benefits and Applications

Deer Food Plots in Minnesota - Mulching Mania clears brush and trees in preparation for food plots for deer and other wildlife. Mulching Mania also offers removal/clearing for Land Clearing, Construction, Recreational Land Clearing, Row and Utility Work, Site Cleanup, Railroad, Roadways, Forestry and Reforestation, Fire Pre-Suppression and Suppression, and Buckthorn and Brush Removal that is environmentally safe and friendly. View the list below to see all the work we preform.

General Technology Benefits

  • Environmentally Safe and Friendly
  • Clear land faster & more cost effective
  • Easier – no permits, in some cases
  • No more chipping, hauling and dumping of debris
  • Low ground pressure
  • No root damage to remaining trees
  • No soil rutting, erosion and run-off problems associated with conventional land clearing methods
  • Increase your land values, enlarge useable land, enhance your scenic view, decreases fire danger, and
    improve your fire evacuation route
  • No-burning – no fire risk or smoke pollution

Land Clearing
  • Large & Small Lot Beautification

  • Vegetation Reduction
  • Pre-grading for Site Preparation

Recreational Clearing
  • Pastures & riding trails
  • Pond visibility
  • Hunting plots (e.g., hub and spoke shooting lanes)

Row & Utility Work
  • Cutting or maintaining survey lines
  • Seismic oil exploration lines
  • Fence lines
  • Power lines
  • Gas and oil pipelines
  • Drill site prep

Site Cleanup
  • Clearing slash piles, trees and stumps from conventional bulldozer-type clearing
  • Clearing post-tree-harvesting slash and debris
  • Excellent rapid-response machine for storm-slash and fire cleanup

  • Cutting lines of sight on rights-of-way for crossings

  • Cutting roads that can be driven on in minutes

Forestry and Reforestation
  • Eliminating invasive plant species
  • Promoting indigenous species
  • Wildlife habitat restoration

Fire Pre-Suppression and Suppression
  • Cutting fire breaks and fire-fighting access lanes
  • Thinning hazardous forest fuels and wildland-urban interfaces
  • Excellent initial attack vehicle

  • Help maintain the rising buckthorn problem